Microdynamics is a leader in the transportation and surveying industry, specializing in distance measuring instruments, software, and their applications. Since its inception in 198, Microdynamics has thousands of satisfied customers, a lot of them repeat customers. Our research and feedback intensive approach allows us to offer the most powerful and versatile DMIs in the market today. Our products are developed with the customer in mind, and offer extra versatility that can be customized to the needs of the customer. By listening to feedback from customers, we strive to create the best customer experience in our products.

Using the latest tools, research, and devices, we aim to provide the highest-performing products in the industry, such as our DOT-Z1 Pro, offering USB and GPS capabilities, beyond what other DMIs can offer.

Our customers range from a variety of disciplines including Department of Transportation, Contractors, Engineers, Pavers, and even Hobbyists. We are experienced with contracts, including state and other government contracts, and offer very competitive pricing, support, and even installation services. We have a stream-lined manufacturing process that offers quick delivery no matter how large or small the order.


Our products are designed and manufactured in the USA, using the strictest quality control and highest standards. Our Distance Measuring Instruments come with a 2 year warranty and 1 year of technical support via phone or e-mail. Accessories and cables come with a 6 month warranty.


Microdynamics does not make any warranties as to the suitability or fitness of its products for any purpose. In no event will Microdynamics be liable for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from a defective part, claims made in this manual, on its website. Before using this instrument, the user must exercise general safety precautions such as avoiding the use of the instrument in situations where it may be distracting to the operation of the heavy machinery or vehicles.