• DOT-Z1 Pro Distance Measuring Instrument
  • DOT-Z1 Standard Distance Measuring Instrument (without GPS)
  • DOT-Z1 Basic Distance Measuring Instrument (without GPS)

    Microdynamics is a leader in the transportation and surveying industry, specializing in DMIs (distance measuring instruments), software, and their applications. Microdynamics focuses on designing the industry's best products, and has sold thousands of instruments to customers world-wide. Microdynamics also offers other products and services, including sensors, software, installation services, and consultation. With over 24 years of service and thousands of satisfied customers, our DMIs were created with valuable feedback from customers to create the perfect DMIs for any application.

    The DOT-Z1 line of distance measuring instruments is a very cost-effective tool for a wide variety of applications such as measuring distances, surveying, mapping, route-planning, construction, and material estimation. It makes measuring distances much easier, convenient, and faster than conventional methods such as measuring tapes and wheels. Once installed, it can measure distances by simple button presses and traveling the desired course.Our Distance Measuring Instruments are the most valuable and highest performing DMIs on the market, offering GPS and USB capabilities.

    Microdynamics is able to provide customizations and can work with you to create a solution that can work best with your requirements...